Parental control API and SDK

Start a new and ethical revenue stream with Saferize by empowering parents to customize how their children engage with your apps.

Saferize is absolutely free for developers and publishers.

Publishers Earn Up To

$1 / MAU per month
  • for each user with Parental Controls by Saferize

How Saferize Works

Child starts to play your app
Parent enters her email
App sends email to parent (via our SDK)
Parent receives email to review app
Parent approves child to use app
(Later on) Parent pauses app for dinner time
Child app is paused


Parental Validation

Choose how you want to validate parents: by email, micro transaction, ID Upload and/or e-Signature.

Parent Portal

Parents can adjust all parental control features straight into Saferize Dashboard, so you can focus your efforts on your core product.

Feature Blocking

Decide if you want to let parents block features of your application and, if that's the case, which features to be blocked.

Full Customization

Customize the look-and-feel of all communication sent to parents and children so they match your application layout.

Time Limit

Choose if you want parents to be able to set limits on how long their kids can use with your app by day of the week.

Real-time Approval

Parents can allow and revoke their kids' access to you application in real-time. "Here's an extra hour because you did your homework, kiddo!"


We currently support many languages. Have a specific language need? Let us know and we will make sure our platform supports it.

Usage Analytics

Get insights on your app usage. See reports with blocked features, time-limits, approvals and rejections, etc.


Your satisfactions is paramount. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments and we'll be here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Great! We’re currently in closed Beta and we’d love to talk to you about your needs. Please apply now.

Parents pay a subscription Saferize to set controls on apps. We then share the revenue with Publishers.

You get paid up to $1 per month for every child using Saferize Parental Control.

The parental control industry is booming and your app is already being controlled by many parents without you even knowing! All traditional parental control solutions up to until Saferize work by antagonizing parents and companies. We propose a new way, where companies and parents have an open communication channel. Parents then can be comfortable with how kids are engaging with your app. 

The best part? Publishers even get paid to enable parental controls!

Simply because our only goal is to have the best parental control in the world! We focus 100% of our energy on that the same way you are also probably focusing on your mais product not on secondary features. Makes much more economical sense to focus on your core and get third-party companies to provide tools and services you need. Using Saferize will save you money in the end, comparing to the option to build our whole solution yourself.

We provide an easy way for you to get verifiable consent from parents so you can ask for permission to collect and share privacy information from kids. In other words, with Saferize you can easily become compliant to COPPA (or GDPR or any privacy law for that matter). However, it’s important to mention that we don’t review or audit your application to attest it is compliant to the child protection laws.

Make no mistake: It’s much easier to comply to COPPA and GDPR using Saferize than try to do it on your own.

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