Ethics and Game Design: Are They Like Oil And Water?

Can the gaming industry grow and prosper without compromising ethics?  I had the opportunity to attend a very interesting roundtable at GDC 2018 presented by IGDA. The event was called Professional Ethics for Game Designers and was hosted by Sande Chen, Writers Guild Award and Grammy-nominated Writer and Game Designer (you should check out her interesting review of the event, by the way). The roundtable beckoned readers to voice an opinion “as to whether or not game designers need a professional code of ethics much like the Hippocratic oath for doctors.” Here is the event description: “With gaming disorder a

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Child excited about using app

IQ, Grit and Motivation Versus Technology

Is this generation spoiled by how easy is to get rewards? If so, what can we do about it? In the wake of a world overtaken by internet technology, games and social media, there is a story we hear time and time again from parents and teachers – “my kids can’t focus on anything.” From the inability to focus on homework, to the abrupt cycle of activity hopping and heaps of discarded hobbies and projects, these stories are everywhere. Not so often told, are stories of kids who seem to stick with things by their very nature- who still enjoy

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Upset parent

How Publishers Should Deal With Critical Reviews From Upset Parents?

Solution: Let Parents Customize Apps So They Can Feel Children Are Safer Your company spent countless hours developing your application, and you have high expectations for its success. Your intention is to have the best user experience possible, high engagement and… why not throw in app monetization?You implement the best ASO practices and everything is going well. Your app climbs the charts, you boost downloads with advertising, and you begin to feel that all your hard work is paying off. And then the plan starts fraying at the edges. Bad reviews start popping up from parents complaining that your app

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anti-social kid playing with smartphone

Is there a link between smartphone, social media and depression?

Teen use of smartphones and social media skyrocketed simultaneously with rates of adolescent depression. Though causation has yet to be established, for parents – it’s better safe than sorry. A study published last month by The Association for Psychology Science found, in two nationally representative surveys, that adolescents in grades 8 through 12 have been subject to a staggering 30% increase in depressive symptoms, suicide-related outcomes, and suicide rates from 2010 and 2015 — young women were affected most, with reported suicide among teen girls is at a 40-year high. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that

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little baby already using computer

Top Tech Companies are Launching Parent-Controlled Apps (Why All Developers Should Do the Same)

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are making sure parents of their users are happy. Are you doing the same? In our increasingly technological world, it’s no surprise that the next generation is more and more drawn to technology. As children watch their parents, their older siblings, and maybe even their peers, turn to technology to solve problems and interact with the people in their lives, it’s easy to understand why children would want to do the same. In fact, about 93% of 6-12 year olds in the United States have access to a tablet or smartphone, and 66% have their

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