Parental Control as a Service

Children probably represent a significant part of your user base, whether your are marketing to them directly or not. Are you in good terms with their parents? 

With Saferize, content providers and publishers can allow parents to easily supervise and approve what kids are doing within their apps.

Time to get parents to your side! Let parents be comfortable with how their children interact with your product.

Add Saferize now to your application and get more installs,  more engagement, less bounce rate and less bad ratings from angry parents.

(currently accepting a limited number of companies)


Parental Control

Saferize helps companies to increase app engagement and reduce churn by letting parents feel more comfortable with how their applications interact with children.

Simple API

Saferize is based on easy-to-use APIs, allowing seamless integration with your current product flows. We are deploying more and more language bindings so developers can program in their favorite language.

Fully Flexible

Once integrated with Saferize, you can use our Dashboard to determine what type of control you want parents to have over what kids can do and cannot do. You can pick the parent verification method most suitable for your business.

Legislation Friendly

You are able to get verifiable consent and permission to enable you to legally collect data from users and share it with third-party services, according to what is required by privacy laws from the US (COPPA) and Europe (GDPR).

How it Works


Saferize makes it easy to manage Parental Consent:

1. Child signs up into App

2. App requests for parent consent through Saferize

3. Parent gives (or not) consent

4. App authorizes (or not) Child to finalize signup

Time Limit

Saferize enables Developers to get usage approvals every time a child access their apps.

  1. Child logs in

  2. App requests time limits from Saferize (previously set by Parents)

  3. Saferize informs if Child is (or not) to use the app at that moment

  4. App allows (or not) Child to use the app

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About Saferize

Saferize offers a way to companies to increase engagement and reduce liabilities by allowing parents control and supervise what children do with their apps.

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